“Nipple Pasties?” — JYP Entertainment’s Park Jinyoung Appears With A New Shocking Fashion Statement


JYP Entertainment‘s founder and CEO Park Jinyoung is currently one of the producers and judges for a new debut project variety show called Golden Girls. He will gather skilled vocalists to create the ultimate girl group. At the press conference on October 26, 2023, he showed up looking as happy as ever. Known for his surprising sense of fashion, he also showcased a look that was shocking to viewers.

He wore a black spangled shirt that was see-through. That might have been passable, but the white nipple pasties that he had on were showing through.

The bright flashes from the press’ cameras did not help. The white pasties stood out starkly against his tan skin.

Netizens expressed their surprise but could not hold back their laughter.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo The nipple pasties… If they’re going to show, isn’t it better not to stick them on…? The pasties, f*ck. The pasties are annoying… The post said the fashion was “too much” so I thought it would be his plastic pants… Do kids these days know about that meme? He should’ve color-matched the pasties… But why is he suddenly pasting them on? Doesn’t he normally just wear such clothing without? Did he stick them on because the weather was cold that day?

Men sometimes use nipple patches when wearing thin clothing. In Park Jinyoung’s case, it could be due to broadcast restrictions that prevent men from showing both nipples at once on camera.

 This tops his plastic pants. 

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