Newlywed Idol’s Wife Exposes Death Threats She Received


Shinhwa Andy‘s wife, Lee Eun Joo, revealed she was receiving death threats.

Lee Eun Joo (left) and Andy (right)

On April 15, the announcer wrote to fans on her Instagram and explained that she had been receiving death threats for a long time. The announcer also revealed that actress Seo Yoon Ah, who is dating fellow Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan, was also receiving death threats.

I am sorry to show you these bad words. I was going to take legal measures but I was afraid that Shinhwa fans would think I was attacking them and I was afraid I would be negatively affecting my husband.

But I saw that actress Seo Yoon Ah  was also receiving these threats and so I am mustering my courage to stop this. I am sharing only some of the messages that I have received from the same person, who uses several different account handles.

— Lee Eun Joo

Lee Eun Joo then shared several DMs she received. In the messages, a deranged fan can be seen cursing the Shinhwa member’s wife.

Hey, you xxxx You blocked my messages you xxxx. (Cursing her parents) Why did they give birth to you when you’re giving me grief? XXXX I want to curse you with all the curses in the world. Your birth is killing a lot of Shinhwa fans. Wake up, do you think your happiness will last? You think you have the world because you have Andy? I hope you’re cursed for causing sadness to Shinhwa fans. I will curse you from today on. I will XXX.

Lee Eun Joo then finished her message, writing that she would be taking legal action.

I know that my husband is where he is because of the fans. I, as his wife, am also humbly thankful to the fans. I would like to reiterate that I will be taking legal action against this specific person and not the fans who mean so much to us.

I tried to think that the malicious comments were better than disinterest, and I’ve tried to ignore the comments section altogether. But my heart broke every time I saw the comments.

I aks that you no longer hide behind your anonymity to write these comments. Although I’ve become strong enough to not be affected by the comments, I don’t want to face them ever again. I no longer think that ignoring these comments is a way to protect my family.

— Lee Eun Joo

Meanwhile, Lee Eun Joo married Shinhwa’s Andy in 2022.


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