NewJeans’ Haerin Draws Attention For Her Gorgeous Cat-Like Visuals During Recent Livestream


All of the members of NewJeans are stunning in their own ways, with each of them often praised for something particularly captivating or unique about their appearance. When it comes to Haerin, it’s usually her striking cat-like eyes that people can’t get over, and understandably so!

Haerin (NewJeans) | SBS

With or without colored lenses, Haerin gives off such a pretty, feline-like aura that it’s impossible not to compare her to a sleek and mischievous kitty!

And recently, she proved that it’s not just her stage makeup that makes her look so uniquely beautiful.

Haerin took to a livestream on October 12 along with fellow members Minji and Hanni to interact and catch up with fans, and her appearance during the session has caught enough attention that it became a topic of conversation online.

Netizens shared screenshots of her gorgeous visuals from the livestream on an online forum post titled “Hul, that was Haerin’s face on livestream today…”. In the images, her face is cutely framed by curled bangs that accentuate her cat-like beauty even more.

| Instiz | Instiz

It just shows that even with minimal makeup, Haerin is absolutely stunning!

| Instiz | Instiz

Here’s what people are saying on the forum post complimenting Haerin’s recent appearance.

Haerin is definitely a beauty in a group of other beauties!

 “She’s a mix between a cat and a hamster.” 

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