NewJeans Goes Viral For Their Gorgeous Styling At 2023 “The Fact Music Awards”


The members of NewJeans are making waves for their stunning appearance on the red carpet at 2023 “The Fact Music Awards.” From their hair and makeup to their outfits, each member looked flawless!

Minji | TV Report

Minji showed off her chic charisma in a black suit, revealing her flat stomach in a crop top. Her soft and glittery makeup complimented her doll-like features.

| MK Sports

Hanni rocked an asymmetrical black skirt along with a halter top, sweeping her long hair behind one shoulder.

Hanni | MK Sports | iMBC

Danielle sported mermaid waves and a white mini dress, looking like a real angel!

Danielle | News 1 | Herald Pop

Haerin also rocked white along with Danielle, sporting bows and pearls in her. Her soft and warm makeup looked perfect against her cat-like features.

Haerin | News 1 | StarNews

Hyein sparkled in bright eye makeup and grey lenses. As the maknae, she rocked a youthful top accessorized with bows.

Hyein | Herald Pop | Sports Korea

Together, the girls looked gorgeous in white, black, and gray. They looked cohesive yet shined with their individual charms!

| Osen | Sports Korea “The stylists deserve a raise!” 

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