NewJeans Fans Are Convinced They’ve Been Spoiling Their Comeback For Months


K-Pop groups give secret spoilers and hints for upcoming music releases all the time, and oftentimes these spoilers aren’t registered until said comeback has even happened. Whether it’s a dance move, lyrics, or some sort of hint to the concept for their comeback, K-Pop idols can get away with a lot without their fans realizing it until much later!

However, fans of NewJeans think that they’re onto the girl group in this regard due to how much certain symbolism has been appearing around them for quite some time now.

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Images and screenshots of these “hints” were recently shared on an online forum post, and given just how many of them there are, the evidence seems fairly solid!

The first example is of a four-leaf clover set piece that was used at the beginning of one of NewJeans’ recent performances, which some people found “suspicious”.

A four-leaf clover design has also been spotted in different forms on numerous outfits that the members have worn, including MinjiHaerin, and Danielle.

The emoticon for a clover has also been spotted many times in NewJeans’ media posts, such as when artist Lee Nakyung used it on an Instagram story of the members during Seoul Fashion Week.

This screenshot was taken from Hanni‘s phone, and the clover emoji makes an appearance once again.

Recently, during an interaction with a fan, when asked to choose an emoji from a list of green emojis, Minji picked the clover emoji — despite it not being included in the line-up.

Finally, a clover was spotted in NewJeans’ 2024 Seasons’ Greetings

And on April 17, eagle-eyed spans spotted the words “four-leaf clover”, which has many suspecting this could be their comeback date!

Here’s what netizens have to say about these possible spoilers.

Are you excited for a NewJeans comeback?

 Has their comeback date already been revealed? 

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