NewJeans Face Massive Backlash Over Recent Post Due To The Israel-Palestine Conflict


The latest collaboration between K-Pop group NewJeans and Coca-Cola has sparked a significant controversy. Following their recent social media posts, where the five members showcased themselves with Coca-Cola cans both individually and as a group, fans have been flooding the comments to express their disapproval.

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The core of the dispute centers around Coca-Cola’s operations in the highly contentious region involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Fans are up in arms, accusing Coca-Cola of benefiting from what they perceive as Israel’s illegal occupation and alleged apartheid practices in Palestine.

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Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA), a UK-based NGO advocating for Palestinian rights, has spoken on the Coca-Cola situation, claiming the brand “owns a factory in an illegal Israeli settlement established on disputed Palestinian territory. Such settlements, considered illegal under international law, often result in the displacement of Palestinian communities.


The relationship between NewJeans and Coca-Cola is not new. It began in March of last year when they were announced as the faces of Coca-Cola Zero. The group engaged in several promotional campaigns and even released a music video to amplify the brand’s “ZERO” initiative.

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However, the recent focus on the Israel-Palestine conflict across social media platforms has sparked a movement calling for boycotts against companies believed to be supporting or profiting from the conflict. This sentiment has resonated deeply within the K-Pop fanbase, leading to the organization of the “Boycott The Big 4” campaign, which targets major K-Pop companies to discourage collaborations with such brands.

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The controversy intensified following NewJeans’ latest Instagram post promoting Coca-Cola with over 800,000 likes. Fans have raised questions about the timing of this endorsement, noting a perceived significant hiatus in their promotional activities. A tweet highlighting these concerns has gained considerable traction, receiving over 19,000 likes — with thousands joining the discussion in the quote retweets and replies.

they haven’t promoted it for months and NOW they’re posting the endorsements??? the timing of all of this is just so… hybe is evil bro

— ale (@liluzigyu) January 24, 2024

The comment section of NewJeans’ Instagram post has become a similar battleground of sorts, with numerous fans expressing their disapproval of the endorsement.

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It remains to be seen if any of the companies involved — HYBE, ADOR, or Coca-Cola — will respond to the massive backlash. However, one thing is for certain: fans are not happy.

 Fans are not happy. 

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