NewJeans’ Danielle Gives Fans A Peek At Their Luxurious Dorm Rooms


NewJeans previously lived in an apartment with only two rooms during their debut days. The girls talked about their dorm arrangements on Yoo Quiz. Back then, Hanni and Haerin shared a room, while Danielle, Hyein, and Minji shared another.

As the girls’ success grew, they moved dorms in late 2023. Now, they each have their own room, designed to suit each member’s preference! Fans were finally given a look at their luxurious accommodations on January 28, 2024, during a live stream by Danielle. Danielle hosted the live stream in her room. You can see that she has a gorgeous, unobstructed view of the Han River. This is a highly coveted view in South Korean housing, and typically costs a bomb.

Danielle’s room. | theqoo

She decorated it with a lounging chair, and some flowers. The room has lots of natural sunlight and plants, perfect for the Australian star.

Let there be light #뉴진스 #NewJeans #다니엘 #Danielle #ダニエル

— NewJeans Loops (@newjeans_loop) January 28, 2024

Netizens expressed their envy at the expensive lodgings. Many thought that it was the living room, but were shocked to find out that it was Danielle’s personal room.

Netizen comments. | theqoo Gasp, I thought this was the living room. So jealous!!! Wow, I thought it was the living room of course LOL. I was like “this is so nice,” but it’s amazing. Daebak. It’s not easy for the company to do that even if they earn well. Their treatment is definitely top class. It looks like “Today’s Home” (app for model houses and interior). My biases also put up hollow walls to create more rooms for use. It could have originally been the living room. They’re really living in a nice place. Of course, NewJeans should be living in such a place. It’s her room? I thought it was the living room for sure LOL. NewJeans blew up right from their debut, and even got paid then. So, of course, this standard [of housing] is a given.

Each girl has their own room, making the apartment a spacious 5-roomed one. Given its spectacular view and size, it probably did not come cheap. Still, the girls deserve it with their global success!

 They certainly earned it. 

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