New Photos And Rumors Surface About Pledis Entertainment’s Upcoming Boy Group


Pledis Entertainment, the label behind SEVENTEEN, has confirmed earlier reports of its plan to debut a new boy group in early January 2024. The announcement has sparked waves of anticipation among fans, marking it as the label’s first boy group since SEVENTEEN’s debut nine years ago in 2015.

| Pledis Entertainment

Rumors about the debut began to swirl following an exclusive report by JTBC, which highlighted the completion of the group’s preparatory phase and their current rigorous practice schedule. The report suggested the group would consist of five to six members, including foreign members, diversifying the group’s appeal.

We can confirm we will debut a new boy group in the first quarter of 2024.

— Pledis Entertainment

스탭들이 공개하지말라고 했는데 호시가 공개함 . . 그게누구냐면 <플레디스보이즈>

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K-Pop fans, known for their detective-like efficiency, have seemingly unearthed photos allegedly of the trainees set to debut. A post that went viral on TheQoo, a popular online forum, shared pictures that are rumored to have been taken in Belgium, where the group is said to be filming their debut music video.

| TheQoo | TheQoo 

Details accompanying the leaked photos suggest that the group will feature six members, with ages ranging from the oldest at 20, born in 2003, to the youngest at 16, born in 2007.

| TheQoo | TheQoo

Among the speculated members is Hanzhen, a Chinese trainee born in 2005, who is believed to have joined Pledis Entertainment just over a year ago and is currently studying at Hallyum Arts High School.

| TheQoo | @PLEDIS_NBG23/Twitter 

Another member reportedly set to charm the K-Pop scene is Han Jihoon, a former Trainee A member with an extensive background. Jihoon has been associated with several top-tier companies, including YG, JYP, Big Hit, and now Pledis. Born in 2006, he will potentially bring a wealth of experience from his journey through the highly competitive trainee system if these rumors are true.

BLACKPINK – “Pink Venom” #한지훈 focus#TraineeA #HANJIHOON #트레이니에이 #한지훈

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The excitement is not just limited to the group’s lineup. Fans have also been on the lookout for any trademarks filed by Pledis Entertainment that could potentially reveal the group’s name. A recent application for the trademark “VORTEXMIRACLE” has caught the attention of many, fueling speculation that it could be the moniker of the upcoming group.

[RUMOR] 230824 — Rumor Pledis New Boy Group Name!#PLEDIS

— PLEDIS NBG UPDATES (@PLEDIS_NBG23) August 24, 2023

While fans eagerly await more official announcements, the leaked photos and rumors have certainly set the stage for an exciting countdown to January 2024.

 Rumor has it there will be six members in the group 👀 

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