New Information About BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Alleged Company Goes Viral — Just For The Website To Be Taken Down


New information about BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s alleged company go viral, just for it all to be taken down shortly after.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Since the start of the year, the BLACKPINK members have been updating fans on the future. Jennie and Lisa even shocked fans after announcing their new companies, making fans very excited for the future.

Jisoo has also been booked and busy, whether it’s filming, new campaigns for designer brands, and much more. Yet, rumors have been circulating for months about the idol joining her brother’s company, which was alleged to be called BLISSOO.

On February 21 (KST), netizens woke up to see social media flooded with trends like “JISOO” and “BLISSOO.” According to fans, a website that was thought to be the home of the company called BLISSOO was posted, and it seemed to confirm Jisoo’s future, with the idol taking up the main page.

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Along with screenshots and videos of the website, BLINKs shared beautiful photos of Jisoo that were allegedly seen on the site.

When the photos and alleged information were shared,

BLISSOO website is so pretty my god

— ✿ (@filmsbyjisoo) February 21, 2024

while waiting for the official statement, no words can describe how the site is authentically her and her happiness only, proudest all over the moon


— krysooyaaa (@krysooyaaa) February 21, 2024

So incredibly proud of Jisoo, and we can’t wait to see everything she does with #BLISSOO


— US BLINKS UNION || FANBASE (@USBU4WAYS) February 21, 2024

Singer, Actress and now CEO of her own label, congratulations JISOO!

— JISOO NEWS (@NEWSJISOO) February 21, 2024

It was even trending worldwide.

“BLISSOO BY JISOO” is now trending WORLDWIDE at No. 10, following the news of @BLACKPINK #JISOO’s #BLISSOO official website opening!

 #블랙핑크  #지수   #BLACKPINK


Yet, very quickly after fans shared their excitement, netizens noticed that the main website that was alleged to be for BLISOO and the social media accounts were set to private.

It meant that many fans believed that the owners of the website and those who could allegedly work at BLISOO had accidentally activated and opened all of the affiliated sites by accident. Whether it was a legitimate website or not, fans will be excitedly waiting for an official announcement about Jisoo’s future.

 Was it a mistake or on purpose? 

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