New Details Reveal Just How Painful Son Heung Min’s Injury From Fight With Lee Kang In Is


Tottenham Hotspur’s captain, Son Heung Min, showcased his resilience and dedication in a recent dramatic victory against Brighton despite playing with a noticeable handicap. Fans and viewers might have caught a glimpse of Son’s right hand, specifically his index and middle fingers, strapped together — an unfortunate injury sustained not on the club stage but while on international duty with South Korea.

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The incident, which has now come to light, occurred during the Asian Cup, where South Korea’s journey was marked by a series of challenging matches that pushed the team to its limits. Despite reaching the semi-finals, the team’s performance was marred by a lack of cohesion, culminating in a disappointing 2-0 defeat to Jordan.

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Son, who leads both his national team and Tottenham, was at the center of an altercation with Lee Kang In that led to a dislocated finger.

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Reports suggest that Son was attempting to bring younger players — including PSG’s Lee Kang In — back to a team meal they had left early, stressing the importance of team bonding. The situation escalated, leading to a clash between the younger and older members of the squad, during which Son suffered his injury.

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The severity of the dislocation was so painful that even days after the incident, Son was cautious about shaking hands, indicating the level of discomfort he was experiencing.

So painful was the dislocation that days later, Son was still warning people before shaking hands with them in order to save himself any more discomfort.

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Yet, the Tottenham star’s commitment to his team was undiminished — as evidenced by his participation in the match against Brighton, fingers strapped and all. The hand injury didn’t seem to prove a big issue as Son gave a critical contribution in the form of a perfect cross to Brennan Johnson, leading to a dramatic 96th-minute winner.

Brennan Johnson. 90+6. Scenes.

— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) February 11, 2024

When speaking to UK media about his Asian Cup exit, Son spoke with disappointment.

It is not nice talking about the tournament again. It really hurts, but to heal is playing football again to make me smile again — like Saturday.

— Son Heung Min

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Meanwhile, Lee Kang In has publicly apologized for the fight and any disappointment he caused to his country.


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