Netizens Urge Boycott Of NewJeans And McDonald’s Collab


Netizens are urging the boycott of McDonald’s and NewJeans‘ latest collab.

McDonald’s has added limited-time celebrity meals throughout the past couple of years. This includes Saweetie, BTS, J Balvin, Travis Scott, Cardi B, and Offset, whose orders were added as special meals to order with special packaging.

BTS | McDonald’s

It was announced in June that NewJeans would partner with McDonald’s for a special campaign in 10 different regions across Asia to promote the fast food chain’s chicken sandwiches and McNuggets.

It included special limited edition packaging and even merch, such as stickers or photocards of the members. Some locations also had graphics and standees of NewJeans.

A closer look at the NewJeans x McDonald’s Limited Special Gift Box

(Exclusive only in Korea)

— uni (@un__ORIGINAL__) June 12, 2023


the wait is over, run to your nearest mcdonalds right now!! Mcdonalds x Newjeans

♬ Super Shy – NewJeans

The partnership has continued months later as McDonald’s Singapore has launched a NewJeans collaboration, promoting new menu items, including Korean sweet and spicy chicken and a dark chocolate sea salt frappé.

Hype Boy-ing our way to McDonald’s (again) #sgfoodie #fypsg #sgtiktok #tiktoksg #newjeansmcdonalds #mcdonaldssg

♬ ETA – NewJeans

While many fans have been excited about the collab and have even hoped it would go international… Many netizens are now urging a boycott of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s donated free meals to Israeli soldiers after Hamas’ October 7 attack. Since then, media coverage of the Israel-Palestine war has increased. More people are finally becoming aware of the conflict that is taking place in the Gaza Strip, voicing their outcry about the human rights issue. According to Reuters, several thousands have been killed as bombings and other fighting occur in the region, and many survivors have lost families, friends, and homes. Latest reports estimate that over 10,000 Palestinians have been killed in the region.

McDonalds operates a franchise model.

The franchise in UAE is owned and operated by a UAE company, but they still have to pay fees to McDonalds which supports Israel.

So boycott all McDonalds.

— Dr Barry McGamohn (@sabrshukur) October 30, 2023

Despite this, McDonald’s has shown no support to the people suffering in Gaza. Instead, customers have even spotted blue and white packaging of sandwiches, like the Israel flag, which indicates where the company’s support is.

BREAKING: Mcdonalds has changed the McChicken wrapper in support of Israel

Follow: @virgilthebig

— large virgil (@virgilthebig) October 22, 2023

Consequently, people worldwide, especially in countries such as the United States and Malaysia, have been urging a boycott of McDonald’s. So, they’re advising people to avoid the temptation of the latest NewJeans collab.

Oh so now McDonald’s is releasing the new jeans meal. FUCK YOU MCDONALDS. DO NOT BUY THIS, they’re clearly trying to push kpop/newjeans stans into breaking the boycott

— Grace (@GracefulHyuka) November 2, 2023


— hot babie hippo⁷🧃فلسطين حرة (@melaninbarbie) November 1, 2023

Remember: NewJeans have already been paid for this promo, boycotting McDonalds will have no impact for them

— 𝓓𝓪𝔂 ⁴ • Cease Fire (@quisenokisse) November 3, 2023



♬ original sound – Simone Umba

Will you be boycotting?

 It’s due to McDonald’s support of Israel. 

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