Netizens Think ITZY Yuna’s Makeup Artist Did Her Dirty At A Recent Event


Since debuting, ITZY‘s Yuna has always gained attention for her unreal visuals.

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Yet, netizens have criticized the idol’s recent makeup after believing it doesn’t allow her visuals to shine.

On September 20, Yuna joined other celebrities at an event for “Golden Goose.” As expected, even in casual clothing, Yuna’s aura shined in front of the fans and media as she interacted with them.

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While Yuna unsurprisingly looked beautiful, Korean netizens shared their opinions on Yuna’s makeup. The idol always looks stunning, but Yuna’s visuals weren’t the main attraction as netizens noticed how pale the idol’s makeup was and how the colors didn’t suit her.

While the color of Yuna’s skin seemed more consistent in fan-taken photos, many still thought she looked washed out with the light tones.

When the photos were posted, netizens shared their anger at the makeup stylist who had done Yuna’s makeup. Of course, they couldn’t deny the idol’s visuals but said that she was done dirty by the colors and technique used with the makeup.

“I mean, why are they insisting on coloring Yuna’s face white with “cool tone” makeup?” “Yuna is really pretty, but doesn’t her makeup seem unnatural? Is it because of the lighting?” Seriously, Yuna’s face is doing most of the work. Change the stylist.”

Although many times, makeup is suited for bright lights, it seems like Yuna’s makeup didn’t do her dazzling visuals justice.

 It didn’t allow the idol’s visuals to shine! 

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