Netizens Shocked At “My Demon” Star Kim Yoo Jung’s Acting Experience — Unseen Footage From Anniversary Celebration Is Released


Actress Kim Yoo Jung has shocked netizens with her years in the industry after new footage from the filming of her latest K-Drama.

Actress Kim Yoo Jung | @you_r_love/Instagram

Since debuting, Yoo Jung has played so many different roles. Her most recent role has gained attention as Yoo Jung has been starring in the hit K-Drama My Demon alongside Song Kang.

The poster for “My Demon” | SBS

The duo has been wowing netizens with their unreal chemistry throughout the series.

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Recently, a photo was shared from filming showing the whole cast celebrating Yoo Jung’s acting anniversary.


If that wasn’t enough, SBS posted some behind-the-scenes footage from the celebration. In the video, Song Kang carried the cake to Yoo Jung and, at first, joked if he could put some cake on her face.

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The actress couldn’t hide her shock as Song Kang walked through the doors, and the cast started singing.

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Yoo Jung unsurprisingly seemed very emotional as she held the flowers and felt the entire cast cheering and congratulating her.

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Yet, the reason it became such a huge topic was the shock at the anniversary Yoo Jung was celebrating. At the age of 24, it seems crazy that she could celebrate such a huge anniversary. While child actors aren’t uncommon, netizens were shocked to realize Yoo Jung was celebrating 24 years in the industry.

Song Kang and the MD crew celebrated Yoojung’s 20th debut anniversary and her birthday together 🥹🫶

— ً (@minikangie) January 24, 2024

yoojung’s 20th debut anniversary?? bro how old is she

— n’🩶 (@Jwijjwan) January 24, 2024

20yrs in the showbiz

— ♡ (@whoisggone) January 25, 2024

20 years of acting experience at 24 years old is such a flex.

— Suinn (kdrama fan account) (@ace10suinn) January 24, 2024

wow it just clicked she’s been on screen for 20yrs

— Eliᵀᴷᴹ (@lovelli_bisou) January 24, 2024

Yoo Jung actually debuted in 2003 at the mere age of 4 years old, where she played young Lee Soo Hyun in DMZ. She quickly became one of the most sought-after child actors and played roles in many huge K-Dramas.

While netizens have known that Yoo Jung has been acting for a long time, seeing the numbers clearly never fails to shock them and showcase how far she’s grown.

 How is this possible at 24? 

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