Netizens Reminisce Over This Top Actor’s “Pre-Weight Gain” Visuals


Actor Lee Jang Woo was once one of South Korea’s top flower boy actors. He was famous for his pretty looks! Fans often termed it as “handsome, with a tinge of grumpiness.” Without a single ounce of plastic surgery back then, he still managed to look gorgeous.

Fans especially loved his visuals in Smile Again. His visual peak was considered to be in the early 2010s.

He was hailed as the prince of weekend dramas! Back then, without OTT platforms and streaming, drama time slots were considered very important. Weekend slots were only given to the top performing dramas, or star actors!

Lee Jang Woo was just that popular. Recently, fans were shocked to see him on an episode of I Live Alone. He seemed to have gain much weight since his earlier days.

Compared to his legendary visuals in his early 20s, he’s now 37-years-old and enjoying life. Even so, fans can’t help but miss his past visuals. They compared him to the character Yoojung from webtoon Cheese In The Trap.

His before was a super flower boy, but there was a tinge of crankiness and prickliness. Now, he’s a total smiling face. He’s cute and adorable… As long as he’s happy, that’s it… He’s already gained everything there is. Cheese In The Trap. He really was the very essence of Yoojung senpai… Even with weight gain, you can’t hide his handsomeness.

Lee Jang Woo back then was really fit for Pocari… We should’ve frozen him… He really didn’t have any feel of plastic surgery at all. He’s so handsome, wow. Wow, seeing him now, he was totally an F4 standard visual.

As he’s approaching his midyears, it is only natural that he gains some weight! As long as he is happy, nothing else matters.

 He was Korea’s top visual back then. 

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