Netizens React To The Vastly Different View Counts On aespa’s “Drama” Fancams


Aespa is currently in the middle of promoting their latest title track, “Drama”, off of their album of the same name that was released on November 10. They’ve appeared on a couple of awards shows already, showing off their stellar vocals and gorgeous visuals.

Netizens have noticed, though, that the attention that each of the members receives are vastly different from one another, to the point where one member has over three times as many views on her fancam than the other three combined.

For the full-group performance of “Drama” on Inkigayo, performed on November 12, the video has already accumulated almost 800k views in just a day.

As for Karina‘s individual fancam from the performance, it’s not too far behind the full-group video at a little over 710k views at this time.

And the views drop drastically from there. The second-most-viewed individual fancam, Winter‘s, has just over 100k views at the time of this writing.

Finally, both NingNing and Giselle‘s fancams from the same show have around 40k views each.

Some netizens have argued that the thumbnail for Karina’s fancam alone has drawn in a lot of viewers, and her styling is undeniably pretty for this performance. But others believe that it just shows how well-known Karina is among even non-K-Pop fans who still tune in to watch her perform.

A forum post discussing the subject had these comments from netizens about their opinions and theories on the matter.

We hope as aespa continues to promote “Drama” that all of the members get the attention that they deserve for their hard work and efforts!

 One member has over three times as many views as the other members’ combined. 

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