Netizens React To The Ridiculous Prices That RIIZE’s Photocards Are Already Going For


Collecting photocards has become ridiculously stressful for some K-Pop fans, with many artists these days releasing incredibly high versions of them with each comeback and making it basically impossible to get a whole set, at least not without spending exorbitant amounts of money.

It’s not uncommon for photocards that are on the rarer or more desirable side to go for dozens or even hundreds of dollars, and that’s not even including signed versions!

Photocard of Jungkook (BTS) that sold for $3,213 USD

However, this is usually the case for older or more developed artists that have been around for some time, such as BTS or TWICE. But recently, the prices being asked for a rookie boy group’s photocards has caught attention online due to just how ridiculously high they already are.

A Reddit post details a fan’s journey of trying to hunt down a particular photocard of RIIZE‘s Wonbin, only to find out that it’s selling for over $200 USD.

Sure enough, we found the listing in question, and the set of Wonbin photocards is listed for a whopping $230 USD.

The comments on the post share the author’s incredulity at the asking price for the photocards of a K-Pop idol who debuted not even two months ago.

Would you ever pay that much money for a photocard, or do you think the culture around collecting them has become too ridiculously expensive?

 “I’m hoping BRIIZE will come to their senses soon and start selling photocards for a reasonable price…” 

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