Netizens React To The Low Selling Price For RIIZE Seunghan’s Photocards


Even though it hasn’t even been three months since RIIZE first debuted in early September, Seunghan has been caught up in enough scandals already for a K-Pop idol that has been around much longer.

Seunghan (RIIZE)

From the photo of Seunghan allegedly in a hotel with a girl shared before RIIZE even debuted to the more recent scandals over his controversial livestream with TXT‘s Soobin and a video of him smoking, netizens have even been demanding that he leave the group to protect their image.

Seunghan’s video call with Soobin. | @loveuneelove/Twitter

SM Entertainment hasn’t yet made a statement on the recent ongoing controversies around Seunghan, but it seems that the repercussions of the RIIZE member’s actions have already led to a monetary loss.

The asking price for four “lucky draw” photocards of different RIIZE members was recently shared on an online forum post, and there was a stark difference between them. Considering that these types of photocards tend to sell for higher prices to begin with, the difference is even more notable.

The four RIIZE photocards in question | Pann Nate

The photocards are going for 22,000 won (~$16 USD), 3,500 won (~$2.70 USD), 30,000 won (~$23 USD), and 25,000 won (~$19 USD) respectively. The second and lowest-priced photocard is Seunghan’s.

Netizen reactions are mixed. Some are claiming that Seunghan’s photocards have always been cheaper, especially compared to popular members like Wonbin and Anton, while others think that $2.70 for any lucky photocard is incredibly low. Others just don’t get photocard culture in general, and think that the double-digits prices for some of them are ridiculous.

We’ll have to wait and see if SM Entertainment takes action to protect or distance themselves from Seunghan after these numerous scandals.

 “SM need to do some damage control before it’s too late…” 

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