Netizens React To STAYC’s Sieun “Subtly Calling Out Misandry” During World Tour


Starting in late September, STAYC has been holding concerts for their first world tour, TEENFRESH. Most of their concerts so far have been in the United States, allowing the members to perform for international fans across the country.

It seems, however, that there has been some tension among fans going to the concerts, due to the age and gender of some attending. Recently, a tweet caught attention online from someone at one of STAYC’s concerts “calling out” the “old men” in attendance, sparking a debate about whether or not it was weird.

A post was made on Reddit about the original tweet, with the author upset over being judged for enjoying STAYC’s music.

Comments on the post were heavily in agreement with the author, showing support for “older” K-Pop fans in general.

And it seems like it wasn’t just fans that saw the original tweet about STAYC’s older male SWITHs. Since it was posted on October 18, Sieun has been allegedly making a point at the end of each of the group’s concerts to “call out the misandry” by expressing how much they love their fans regardless of age or gender.

And the fans are all for it, praising Sieun for making such a statement that might be seen as “controversial” to some.

It’s true that K-Pop fans can be any age, gender, race, orientation, or other identification, and as long as they’re being respectful and considerate to the artists and fellow fans, no one should be criticized for their enjoyment of the music genre!

 Every fan is welcomed by STAYC! 

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