Netizens React To Public Disagreement Between SM Entertainment And Clothing Brand TEDDY ISLAND


In December 2022, it was announced that five members of NCT DREAM were selected as the official models of clothing brand TEDDY ISLAND‘s 2023 Summer/Spring collection.

Since the announcement, TEDDY ISLAND has consistently released content featuring the five members: Jaemin, Jeno, Chenle, Renjun, and Jisung.

(From left:) NCT DREAM’s Jaemin, Jeno, Chenle, Renjun, and Jisung | @teddyisland_twt/Twitter

On October 13, a new collection with the talented group members was teased, and shortly afterward, TEDDY ISLAND released their plans for a pre-order event from October 18 until November 8.

[Teddy Island x NCT DREAM New Collection]

Coming Soon!
2023. 10. 18(WED) 18:00(KST) #NCTDREAM #엔시티드림#TEDDYISLAND #테디아일랜드

— Teddy Island_테디아일랜드 (@teddyisland_twt) October 13, 2023

On October 18, SM Entertainment released a statement via NCT DREAM’s official Twitter account claiming they did not know about the pre-order event because it was “not discussed” with them.

They further confused netizens when they stated they were “verifying the details” and would “share the progress with fans” as soon as possible, leaving many wondering if the pre-order event was still occurring as scheduled.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Today, we have confirmed the announcement of the pre-order event for ‘TEDDY ISLAND,’ a brand that NCT DREAM is currently endorsing. However, this event has not been discussed with our company at all.

We are currently in the process of verifying the details of the announcement with TEDDY ISLAND, and we will share the progress with fans as soon as the information is confirmed.

Thank you.

— SM Entertainment


— NCT DREAM (@NCTsmtown_DREAM) October 18, 2023

TEDDY ISLAND, upon seeing the statement, released its own stance on the matter, declaring its contract with SM Entertainment for the NCT DREAM collection is currently valid, and the pre-order event will move forward as planned due to having prior “approval from SM [Entertainment] for sales.

They concluded by saying they would be discussing the matter further with SM Entertainment in the future.

This is an announcement regarding NCT DREAM pre-orders.

Hello, this is Teddy Island.

Today, in response to the announcement made by SM Entertainment on the official NCT DREAM Twitter account, we would like to provide some information. The model contract between our company and SM for ‘NCT DREAM X TEDDY ISLAND’ is currently valid, and the pre-order event is being conducted with approval from SM for sales.

We will have further discussions with SM on this matter in the future, and we would like to inform you that the pre-order event will proceed as scheduled.

Thank you.


NCT DREAM 프리오더 관련 공지드립니다.

— Teddy Island_테디아일랜드 (@teddyisland_twt) October 18, 2023

Korean netizens responded to the statements by questioning the professionalism of SM Entertainment and wondering why the company made the disagreement public instead of contacting TEDDY ISLAND privately.

| Instiz “Fight via email…” “?? What is this?” “???: Figure this out without getting me involved” “What are they doing” “Omg this is immature” “They should just contact each other. Since SM uploaded that, the company had no choice but to release their own statement” “Do it by email lol” “What are they doing” “This is the best a conglomerate can do..?” “Shouldn’t this just be handled by the representatives over email.. What else is email for.. ?! Emails and phones are there for companies to do their work, what else would it be for.. ?! It feels like two kids fighting in front of their parents” “Communicate work related things via email or phone”

Fans are also airing their grievances with SM Entertainment after many feel they’ve inadequately supported NCT DREAM’s promotions, with the public disagreement between SM Entertainment and TEDDY ISLAND being the latest example.

idk maybe bcs YOU never discuss with them about the canceled fansign that hasn’t resolved for months too

— 강아지성˙ᵕ˙ (@jisunqpawrk) October 18, 2023

i believe you have separate team to work for nct dream and this event is actually not a big one yet you missed it. we ask you to work better and professionally for nct dream schedules in the future

— 쿠키 (@7DREAMPJS) October 18, 2023

you guys really need to have proper communication abt this…sm really messing everything with drm

— . ᴇʟ . (@mnzzzzn) October 18, 2023

At this time, neither company has made additional comments regarding the matter.

 The two companies posted conflicting statements on social media. 

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