Netizens React To IVE Wonyoung’s Sister Jang Da Ah’s Acting Skills


Actress Jang Da Ah did not have an easy start despite her being cast in a major role off bat. Although she was given the role of the villain Baek Ha Rin in Pyramid Game, many were already ready to hate on her for her connections. Calling it nepotism, they named her sister IVE Wonyoung’s fame as a reason for her getting such a huge role.

When Pyramid Game was released on February 29, 2024, many netizens changed their minds about Jang Da Ah. Her acting was on par!

여기 장다아 표정 진짜 또라이(positive)같고 좋다
눈이 돌았음

— 도 (@Dxxo___) February 29, 2024

Jang Da Ah’s expression here was psychotic in a good way. I love it. Her eyes were really one of a lunatic.

— Dxxo___

장다아 원작 피라미드 게임에서 백하린의 그 특유의 공주 같은 얼굴에 선악이 존재하는 개쎄한 연기를 제대로 했다

— 이나 (@melody0760) February 29, 2024

Jang Da Ah really pulled off the acting well for the original webtoon’s character of Baek Ha Rin and her unique princess-like face where kindness and evil both exist simultaneously.

— Melody0760

백하린 성수지
사람들 앞에서 가면 쓰는 데 도가 튼 애들이
서로 알아보고 가면 벗는 거 쾌감 미쳤음 #피라미드게임

— 나무 (@Kdtree_) February 29, 2024

Baek Ha Rin and Sung Su Ji. The catharsis of kids who pull off the masks that they use in front of other people when they recognize each other as people out of the ordinary.

— Kdtree_

She received much attention for both her visuals and her acting skills.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo Her acting is good. I’ve said this from the start but her gaze is good. She has the background to grow into a good actor. Her tone is pretty good. I can’t pay attention to their acting because of the way the scenes are cut so that the actors’ acting doesn’t match up. She’s good. Her projection is pretty good. Her tone when she says her lines is good. But it must be in their family’s genes to have long limbs… jealous. Good. She did well in preparing. I didn’t like how they put her in [due to her sister], but her acting is better than I thought. She brought the character’s elegantly pretty, but somewhat off characteristics to life. I think it’ll be fine as long as she corrects her pronunciation a little.

She definitely has potential to grow into one of the generation’s best young actors!


 She made her debut recently. 

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