Netizens React To “Evidence” That NCT’s Jaemin And aespa’s Winter Are Dating


Netizens recently reacted to “evidence” that points to NCT‘s Jaemin and aespa‘s Winter dating.

aespa’s Winter | @imwinter/Instagram NCT’s Jaemin | @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

As idols under SM Entertainment, fans love seeing the pair interact due to their outstanding visual chemistry. Recently, NCT DREAM and aespa’s interactions have increased at events and on social media.



♬ พี่ชอบหนูที่สุดเลย (I Like You The Most) Feat.VARINZ – Speed Up Version – PONCHET

However, a netizen pointed to one of these interactions as proof of a romantic relationship.

At the 31st Hanteo Music Awards, the idols’ visual energy was off the charts, as both stars sported coral make-up and white-blond hair. Even cuter was when Jaemin copied Winter’s movement during the group photo time.

[Video could not be displayed]

In an online forum post, a netizen included this moment as “evidence” of their relationship. Also included was that the two wore the same Chrome Hearts hoodie as they departed from Tokyo following SMTOWN LIVE 2024


…the two have “matching” photocases…

| Pann Nate

…and having the same rabbit stuffed animal.

| Pann Nate

Netizens who commented on the post found the “evidence” ridiculous, mentioning that aespa currently have a deal with the phone case brand and that other idols have the same clothes.

| Pann Nate If Sungchan has the same hoodie, does that mean those four [aespa’s Giselle has a similar hoodie] are dating? Where on earth does such an idea come from? Haha, that’s hilarious! Even those two are different models. LOL! What a misunderstanding! Those two Chrome Hearts are different products… Oh man, what a twist! LOL!  Winter only used the phone case up until October last year. There is no couple phone case, the timing doesn’t match.  You know there’s a collaboration between the brand and aespa, right? Why are they doing this with a brand that uses aespa for promotion? LOL. Just bringing girl and boy idols who use similar phone cases would fill up a whole truckload.  Netizens shut it down immediately. 

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