Netizens React To Dispatch’s Bombshell Report Exposing Lee Kang In


Netizens reacted to Dispatch‘s scathing report on Lee Kang In‘s fight with Son Heung Min.

Lee Kang In (left) and Son Heung Min (right) | Ilgan Sports

On February 15, Dispatch released a bombshell exposé in which they detailed the truth behind the incident that has the footballing world in shock. Using eyewitness accounts, the media outlet painted a dysfunctional team that was fractured on the eve of their semi-final showdown with Jordan at the 2024 Asian World Cup.

Dispatch Reveals Damning Truth About Lee Kang In’s Fight With Son Heung Min In Scathing Exposé

According to the reports, Lee Kang In threw a punch at Son Heung Min, which connected with the Korean hero’s face. The fight, which took place in the team’s cafeteria, was sparked when Son Heung Min asked Lee Kang In to join the team’s dinner. The Paris Saint-Germain F.C. star refused his captain and retorted back disrespectfully.

Dispatch’s report unveils the grim reality of Korea’s national team. What was once a source of immense pride for the Korean people, the team now looks rotten and sullied, festered by the incompetence of the Korean Football Association and the neglect of its darling, coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Jurgen Klinsmann (left) and KFA president Chung Mong Gyu (right)

Netizens reacted to Dispatch’s report with shock and anger at Lee Kang In, with many going as far as calling for the PSG star to be stripped of his military exemption.

If this is true, then I don’t think Son Heung Min did anything wrong as the captain of the team. Don’t call up Lee Kang In, Jung Woo Young, and Seol Young Woo to the national team anymore. Son Heung Min just let it slide because he is a good person and a good captain, but if you let those three continue, the mood is only going to get worse. Wow, I don’t think I’ll ever root for Lee Kang In again. All of this was true. F@ck. This would have gone viral if it had happened at a school or workplace. Imagine this happening to the national team. Lol, you can’t defend the players in this case. Lee Kang In uploaded his apology very quickly. If it were something minor, I don’t think he would have addressed it so soon. I guess something really did happen.  Wow, Lee Kang In was crazy rude b@stard. The fact that even after the incident, the three players got together to throw water bottles, lol. Amazing. Heung Min is so understanding… Lee Kang In should not be a national team player. Sigh. Wow, just yesterday, I was worried about Lee Kang In’s mental state, but everything was the truth. F@ck.

What are your thoughts?

 The controversy has exploded after Dispatch’s report. 

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