Netizens React To BLACKPINK Lisa’s List Of Schedules After Leaving YG Entertainment


Netizens have reacted to BLACKPINK Lisa‘s unexpected and booked schedule since leaving YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

The BLACKPINK members’ contracts ended last summer. While it wasn’t announced until 2024 that they weren’t resigning for individual activities, Lisa was booked the whole time, whether it was her Crazy Horse performance, performing at charity events in Paris, meeting huge celebrities, and continuing her brand deals.

Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram Lisa performed at a charity event in Paris | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram Lisa and Rihanna | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram Lisa promoting her BVLGARI watches | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

If that wasn’t enough, Lisa recently announced the creation of her own company, LLOUD, and she has already taken it global with promotions and advertisements in countries worldwide.

When fans thought it couldn’t get more busy for Lisa, it was revealed that she is set to make her acting debut in HBO’s show The White Lotus.

“Blackpink singer #LISA will make her acting debut in the third season of hit US television @HBO series The White Lotus,….. writer and director Mike White has previously teased that the third season could be ‘A SATIRICAL AND FUNNY LOOK AT DEATH AND EASTERN religion and…

— LALICE UPDATES (@LaliceUpdates) February 13, 2024

Of course, as soon as the announcement was made, the website for LLOUD immediately updated Lisa’s activities, showcasing just how much she has achieved.

When netizens saw the huge list of activities Lisa has had and will have in the future, it wasn’t surprising that many hit back at YG Entertainment for “holding her back.” In particular, along with praising the busy schedule and the fact Lisa is showcasing herself as an all-round talent, they hit back at YG and

opening her own label and now actress Lisa is coming, 2024 gonna be Lisa’s year your honor

— ʚɞ (@LILISlNG) February 13, 2024

We are winning so hard. First Lisa performing in the gala, then attending and presenting her 2nd Bvlgari watch, then announcing her own label and now her debut as an actress. And this happening after she decided to cut ties with YGE as solo artist. YG will always be the problem

— ra ra girl³²⁷ (@lalisamgger) February 13, 2024

YG was the problem after all. Just few months after dissociating her solo career from YG entertainment and few days after announcing her Company, she just bagged an acting role in one of the biggest shows of one of the biggest streaming platforms in the USA.

— A (@LisaNita_) February 13, 2024

YG was always the problem


— 家 (@GliuSo97) February 13, 2024

“After Blackpink Lisa will only be a dancer ”

Meanwhile Lisa after Blackpink: performing as soloist already on stage, opened her own music label, will be making her actress debut and will also work in her solo music and more surprises to come this year

— ra ra girl³²⁷ (@lalisamgger) February 13, 2024

Yeah yall better be scared because Lisa is not being hold back anymore. She is free from YG and that sabotage and now you will see her face EVERYWHERE

— ra ra girl³²⁷ (@lalisamgger) February 13, 2024

yg was always the problem because lisa’s given more in the past week than she was able to that entire solo era i’m crying

— shady eren jaeger facts (@ringsevens) February 13, 2024

You can read more about fans’ reactions below.

Netizens Have “Shocking” Reaction To BLACKPINK Lisa’s Upcoming Acting Debut


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