Netizens React To Actor Bae In Hyuk’s “Dramatic” Change In Appearance At Recent Event


Actor Bae In Hyuk‘s latest appearance has become a hot topic among netizens.

Bae In Hyuk | Dazed Korea

Bae In Hyuk started in the web film Love Buzz, gaining popularity from his appearances in My Roommate Is A Gumiho and, more recently, The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract. 

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Along with the growth in popularity, the handsome actor has appeared in multiple publications, showing off his visuals.

| Elle Korea | Esquire Korea

He has also appeared at events like the recent Estee Lauder event.

On February 1, the Estée Lauder Korea Double Wear Square pop-up event took place, with many stars like actor Wi Ji Hoon and AKMU‘s Lee Chanhyuk.

Wi Ji Hoon AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk

Bae In Hyuk also walked the event’s blue carpet, sporting an all-white suit with gold accents.

Netizens noticed the actor’s face appeared rounder, with some having less than kind things to say about the change. Others commented on his styling, saying it detracted from his handsome features.

In the past, changes involving perceived weight gain were met with overwhelming negativity, so these mixed reactions are a sign of change.

| theqoo Cute, haha. How he was styled isn’t the best. But still. I can’t wait to see him in his next show! Must be because he’s on break right now. He looks exactly like Yoon Dujoon. Huh…? WTF? I’m surprised by how plump he got. He looks like a 40-year-old ahjussi. I’ve never seen this man before, but I know that his eyebrows need help. He was so good-looking when he was on XX (or something), it was shocking. But he doesn’t have that charm anymore… For one, I think it’s the hair doing the damage. I’ve never seen this man before, but I know that his eyebrows need help. These comments are so mean…  You all need to stop. Maybe he gained a bit of weight because he’s not working on anything right now. He’s still good-looking nonetheless.  His styling received some negative reactions. 

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