Netizens Praise LE SSERAFIM Eunchae’s “MAMA Awards” Solo Opening Performance


With the end of the year just around the corner, award season is booming in the world of K-Pop. Most recently, the Mnet Asian Music Awards was held in Tokyo, Japan. The event was jam-packed with amazing performances from various idols and artists. In particular, LE SSERAFIM‘s youngest member, Hong Eunchae, shocked fans with her “I AM SPECIAL” opening performance!

[#2023MAMA] Opening Performance ‘I AM SPECIAL’ by #hongeunchae #홍은채 #lesserafim @le_sserafim

What an incredible performance
Check out at 2023 MAMA AWARDS!


— MAMA AWARDS (@MnetMAMA) November 28, 2023

Both domestic and international fans were so proud of the maknae and showered her with praise!

eunchae’s voice in her intro is so calm, but powerful when delivering her message. her voice is captivating and it makes you want to listen to her all day

— Panda-imnida_pchr (@maryannbolocon) November 28, 2023

guess how many times i watched this

— jedi (@ZUZUonthemoon) November 28, 2023

this was so good, omg Eunchae truly devoured her solo

— Kari (@Fimmies13) November 28, 2023

im so proud of manchae

— c. (@sajittariius) November 28, 2023

she ate this up

— lourdes (@luvr4beom) November 28, 2023


— (@pcvensies) November 28, 2023


— su⁷ | G O L D E N (@s_ingularityv) November 28, 2023

K-netizens who saw her performance on YouTube were so proud of her as well!

Netizen comments | CUTE KIM CHAE WON/YouTube “My whole body trembled as I watched this. How much did she practice…she did amazing.” “She’s giving off Britney Spears ‘Baby One More Time’ vibes with this performance. Our Eunchae is so cool!” “She was so amazing. I hope she performs more like this.” “Yes, let’s go until the end! Let’s reach a happy ending. Eunchae, you can do it! Amazing baby!” “Eunchae you are really so cool! Eunchae is the best!” “Why I am I crying…She is our baby!”

Check out the article below to see the full list of winners from day one!

The Full List Of Winners From Day One Of The 2023 “MAMA Awards”

 She’s achieved so much at such a young age! 

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