Netizens In Awe Over Red Velvet Seulgi’s Toned Figure


Now going into their tenth year since debut, Red Velvet has proven that they still deserve their title as one of K-Pop’s best girl groups with their most recent comeback, Chill Kill, and the title track of the same name.

Red Velvet | SM Entertainment

Each of the members have looked stunning for the promotions for this comeback, and their stylists seem to really know what they’re doing to make each of their visuals pop!

One member in particular is getting a lot of praise and attention online for her incredible proportions and toned figure, and that’s none other than Seulgi.

Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Her abs are popping in the bright pink crop top and jeans she was styled in for a recent performance, and fans can’t get enough.

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

Not just anyone could pull off the low-rise jeans trend so perfectly, but Seulgi makes it seem easy!

| @RVsmtown/Twitter | @RVsmtown/Twitter

Despite being a third generation idol, she also perfectly encapsulates the Y2K aesthetic that has been so popular among rookie idols these days.

| @RVsmtown/Twitter | @RVsmtown/Twitter

And in gif form, her beauty and stunning figure are even more evident!

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Here’s what netizens have to say about Seulgi’s impressive physique in the comments section of a public forum post about her.

We’re glad to see Seulgi looking so happy, healthy, and glowing!

 “So blessed. What a beautiful woman.” 

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