Netizens Heavily Criticize CUBE Entertainment For Using (G)I-DLE To Support Their New Boy Group


It was previously reported that CUBE Entertainment would be debuting a new boy group. According to reports, the group’s tentative name is nowadays. The company aims on debuting the group in the first quarter of 2024.

With a planned five members the members have allegedly been filming their debut content since October 2023, in the United Kingdom. The group will consist of unrevealed trainees and ones already made known to the public.

In a recent business report. CUBE Entertainment stated to the media about the new boy group. The statement ended up rubbing many the wrong way. CUBE Entertainment candidly expressed that they would be relying on (G)I-DLE‘s popularity to spill over to the new boy group.

CUBE Entertainment is relying on the help of (G)I-DLE’s fandom to help the new boy group find their place in the market. The company has commented that they predict a trickle-down effect as the CUBE fandom has expanded.

— Report

This is a common strategy for many entertainment companies. Despite that, CUBE Entertainment’s raw statement resulted in much criticism from netizens.
Netizen reactions. | theqoo
They should really take care of the group they have, Lightsum. LOL what are they saying. What are they saying? In which fandom does the “trickle down effect” exist? WTF are they saying? They f*cking can’t view themselves objectively. It’s so funny because CUBE is the one saying this. The funniest thing is that CUBE is the one saying that.
Many believe that CUBE Entertainment needs to start taking care of their existing groups, including rookie girl group Lightsum. Their reliance on (G)I-DLE and their fandom has caused unstable futures for their other artists.

 They have been relying heavily on “(G)I-DLE. 

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