Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To BTS’s V Wearing A Durag In Recent Weverse Live


BTS‘s V recently went live on the fan-to-artist communication app Weverse to connect with ARMYs after attending American rapper and singer Lil Uzi Vert‘s afterparty following his performance at the One Universe Festival 2023 in Seoul.

V caught up with fans, discussing his time at the afterparty and his experience with Lil Uzi Vert.

BTS’s V | Weverse

Shortly after, V showed viewers a red durag that was hanging from the gym equipment behind him. He showed himself trying on the durag, as he stated it was gifted to him.

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It’s this. It’s a 두건 (doogun, an umbrella term for all bandanas). I got it as a gift.

— V

The durag was created as a protective tool for Black men to protect textured hair from damage and to maintain hairstyles and curl patterns. The history of the durag can be traced back to the head wraps worn by Black American slaves, which society viewed as “signs of poverty and subordination.

Created as a hair tool for protection, the durag began to be used as an accessory in the 1990s within the Black community as a form of empowerment and reclamation of the durag as a symbol of pride.

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With deeply rooted cultural and historical significance within the Black community, many feel it is cultural appropriation if a person who is not Black wears a durag.

V wearing the durag was met with mixed reactions, with many expressing their disappointment in the action of wearing the durag as an accessory for a person who isn’t Black.

for the people trying to downplay Taehyung wearing the durag: it’s part of black culture and used to protect our hair. it’s been used especially in kpop to portray „hiphop“ and „hood“ or „gansta“ vibes, linking blackness to these stereotypes. he is not racist but it is ignorant

— D •ᴗ• (@agustdidit) October 8, 2023

Bringing up other artists who also wore durag does not magically absolve any artists from being in the wrong. Having a competition of who did it worse – they’re all wrong and shouldn’t have happened it the first place wdym!?

— Queen V (@KpopWithV) October 8, 2023

“who gave taehyung the durag” why did he put it on is the question you should be asking

— xeri (@skkyuriz) October 8, 2023

I’m sorry idgaf if “antis” or “media” or whoever tf drags taehyung for wearing a durag. I love him but He is a grown ass man and he deserves to get his lashings or criticism if he wants to be ignorant on live. At the end of the day I’m black before I’m a kpop stan and I’m tired

— Chelsea is GOOD & GREAT & GOLDEN (@moarmywoluv) October 8, 2023

Others defended the action, saying that a durag can be “worn by anyone,” and that V didn’t wear it with ill intentions.

Fake army needs to stop making us black fans look like a bully.Anyone can wear a Durag. I see it all the time around me & yes I’m black.Taehyung always promotes black artists. He even works with them.U all hate on this man for every little thing even his precious dog u all hate

— MostTalentedTae (@Nicky48246081) October 8, 2023

Imma need people to stop bugging about the damn Durag. It’s like coming after a woman who wore a damn bonet. Also are yall gonna go after people wearing hanboks and saris that they received as gifts from the respective communities. Be f*cking for real. This is completely+

— G.M Cantaveᴮᴱ⁷ (@gmcantave1) October 8, 2023

Durag is a fashion accessory
People wear durag for fashion please
So it’s not a big deal

— KIM PEARL (@classypearl12) October 8, 2023

When it is , the tendencies to defend him & silence the Antis do not exist, because his own fandom is acting as his Antis, agreeing with those who hate him.
A piece of advice for them, please replace that 7 with 6 because you are just embarrassing.


— Taehyung Perú (ꪜ) (@thvperu) October 8, 2023

As V was discussing Lil Uzi Vert’s afterparty before showing the gift on camera, some netizens believed it was a gift from the American artist, with some claiming V was showing respect for the gift by wearing it.

In the livestream, however, BTS’s V does not state that the gift is from Lil Uzi Vert. The durag was also seen in a Weverse live filmed prior to the afterparty, seeming to debunk claims that Lil Uzi Vert gifted it.

lil uzi verts concert was today, taehyung did a vlive two days ago and you can clearly see the durag in the background so NO lil uzi vert did NOT gift taehyung the durag

— yerinmylove (@ilysmizone) October 8, 2023

Mixed reactions continue to grow in response to the recently filmed livestream. At this time, neither BIGHIT MUSIC nor BTS’s V have addressed the backlash.

 Netizens share their responses to the video. 

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