Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To A Fan’s Gift To ENHYPEN’s Heeseung After The Group’s Concert


Netizens have had mixed reactions to a gift given to ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung after one of the group’s concerts in America.

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung | @ENHYPEN_Members/Twitter

After the group’s shows, they are given the chance to interact with fans during a special “Send-off” event, and there have been some truly iconic moments.


I wrote “Sunoo, don’t get sick. We love you – Engene” on the packaging!! #SUNOO #ENHYPEN #FATE_IN_NEWARK #김선우 #엔하이픈_선우 #엔하이픈 Fate in Newark Day 2 Send Off

— ⸝⸝ ꒰ 𝒿𝑒𝓃𝓃𝓎⁞ ˎˊ˗ misses enha.. (@sunghoonixe) October 20, 2023

heeseung when he saw me…. anyone else crying i’m crying

— 𐂂 ー faye (@hsngtv) October 20, 2023

Newark Sendoff 19/10

AMAZING interaction with Jake. He looked really touched when I said we’re from England. I love him sooooo much 🥹. We are truly representing UK ENGENE on this US Tour #EN_FATE#FATE_IN_NEWARK #SENDOFF#JAKE #제이크 #ENHYPEN_JAKE

— JjongJjun ⁷𖧵⁷ ~ Silver JAY Supremacy ‍ (@jayyawnzzn1) October 20, 2023

Yet, one clip has gained mixed reactions from netizens.

The video that has gained attention from both Korean and international fans saw Heeseung being confused after being handed a wad of money. Although the staff took it off him and handed it back to the fan, Heeseung was seen to thank the ENGENE before being moved away.

Your browser does not support video.| theqoo 

While some fans found the gesture absolutely hilarious, especially how confused Heeseung looked…


— ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ (@0812HOONIE) October 20, 2023

lmaoo but same i mean i would prefer giving my money directly to heeseung than thru belift and all that financial stuff that goes thru before he gets his salary

— heetober ෆ (@heeseungcentre) October 20, 2023

LMAOOOO an ENGENE gave heeseung dollars and the staff gave the fan her money back from him and heeseung looks so lost here hahahahahhahahahagbhghvnnjmbh #HEESEUNG #ENHYPEN #enhypen_in_newark

— JIR제이 (@JIR7777) October 20, 2023

Other fans had more negative reactions to the gesture. One fan explained that not only was it extremely disrespectful but also added that it could be deemed “racist.”

You guys seriously don’t understand handing dollars is so disrespectful and even racism to kpop idols? Didn’t u guys see his face when he saw that fucking dollars? U guys always blaming k-engenes but they at least don’t treat them like strippers

— 魔ㅅ (@heeiszmine) October 20, 2023

When many questioned why, they linked to another fan explaining the “tipping culture” in Korea, and why some idols might find it offensive.

There is no tipping culture in Korea
In Korea, giving money for no reason can be a hidden meaning of feeling sorry for the person or even purchasing the person sexually like a stripper
For K-pop idols, it can be racist

— z (@goooppa) October 20, 2023

Others just found it disrespectful and thought that the best way to showcase appreciation for an idol is through words.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a good etiquette to leave the venue before the concert ends just to go to the send off and most importantly I don’t think acceptable to give heeseung money cuz what

— ⋆。˚อยากกินโมโม่。⋆。 (@prinpingle) October 20, 2023

and whoever gave heeseung that money, regardless of what your intentions may be, i hope u know it’s kind of disrespectful too pls dont do that again and just be normal i beg. he’d love to receive a letter so just do that instead

— 햄비보이 (@myheemie) October 20, 2023

Some also explained how the events had changed, with the members having more limits put on them because of some of the fans’ actions.

“this is supposed to be a send off. I want to talk to you guys more now it turns to be a fan sign”

This is making me sad, enhypen is already breaking rules, and people are just being so greedy and apparently enhypen can’t take photos anymore for their safety as well🥲

— 李慧妞 (@Bl0bfishSpand3x) October 20, 2023

Of course, there have been some truly amazing moments from the ENHYPEN send-off events. Yet, while actions like this might be acceptable toward Western artists, fans believe it might not have the same meaning to K-Pop idols.

 “It’s kind of disrespectful…” 

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