Netizens Harshly Criticize EXO’s Chen For Using A “Fan Song” During His Wedding Ceremony


Netizens are criticizing EXO‘s Chen for a song played during his wedding ceremony.

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In 2020, Chen shocked fans by announcing he was to be married and that his fiance was pregnant. Following this news, some of the group’s fans pushed for the star’s removal, protesting online and in person, with the latter only attracting a handful of attendees.

Since then, Chen has continued promoting with the group, welcoming another child in 2022.

On October 22, 2023, Chen and his wife finally held their wedding ceremony, with guests giving glimpses at the special event.

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At many weddings in Korea, the music played is very impactful and important, with a big focus placed on the performances of these songs. Chen performed one such song at his wedding, impressing many fans with his romantic dedication.


— jezza ´ㅅ` L-1485 • Star 1117 (@teolaegi_jjongi) October 22, 2023

However, one of the other songs played during the ceremony has inspired criticism from netizens.

At some point during the ceremony, EXO’s “Don’t Go” was performed by a violin orchestra. The track is from EXO’s debut album and is a powerful, romantic song with the singer promising to follow their love as though they were a butterfly.

Don’t go in Jongdae wedding ceremony

— 달 ‍ ㅂㅂㅎ (@themoonnxx) October 22, 2023

As with similar songs by K-Pop groups, many viewed this song as symbolic of the relationship between EXO-L and EXO, with each always promising to always support the other. Xiumin recently commented on this connection during the group’s recent “Killing Voice” performance.

나비소녀는 이런 노랜데

— 아이큥 (@bbhlove05) October 22, 2023

This song…it’s a beautiful track that connects EXO and EXO-L. Here’s “Don’t Go.”

— Xiumin

In an online forum post, one fan expressed their discontent with the song being used at Chen’s wedding. Many netizens agreed with the sentiment, criticizing the EXO member.

| theqoo Seriously, this is not it… Should’ve used one of his solo tracks. Why did he choose “Don’t Go”? It’s not like he’s unaware of how fans feel about the wedding… I wonder what’s making him do this to his fans. He’s breaking their hearts. Picking fights with them with decisions like these… Why not “Best Luck” or something? Of course, he would go this far. Of all the things that I’ve heard about Chen’s wedding, I think this one makes the most sense… as far as why the fans are so upset. You know, at this point, it might be best for the fans to stop caring and simply ignore him completely. Like, he’s not leaving EXO. He’s not going to listen to the fans. He’s going to live his life… So it’ll only be painful for the fans to keep getting upset with his behavior. For f*ck’s sake, though… Why would he? I’m not even an EXO fan and this still pisses me off. I listened to the song and it has the most beautiful lyrics. I’m starting to think he’s TRYING to pick fights with the fans. I’m not an EXO-L, and even I’m offended… Speechless. He’s honestly something else. I’m not an EXO fan, but I’ve been a K-Pop fan for a long time… So I completely understand why fans are feeling upset about this. Here’s an idea: He could leave EXO if he greatly hates his fans. LOL. He only wants the cash that his fans spend on him, huh? So rude. He’s literally using his fans! Ha.


 The song is from the group’s first album. 

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