Netizens Find BTS RM’s And aespa Karina’s Dating “Evidence” Ridiculous


In the latest “dating scandal” to come up between two K-Pop idols, BTS‘s RM and aespa‘s Karina have been connected together with what is arguably the most unbelievable dating “evidence” to date.

RM (BTS) | Bottega Veneta

Posted on an online forum, this “evidence” is based on the friendship between RM and another artist, and Karina’s interest in said artist.

Karina (aespa)

The OP begins by saying that Karina has seemed to recently become more interested in the band Se So Neon, whose lead vocalist is Hwang So Yoon (better known as So!YoON!).

| Pann Nate

RM is known to be a friend of So!YoON!, and even collaborated with her on the single “Smoke Sprite” earlier this year.

| Pann Nate | Pann Nate

Additional photos posted on the forum as “evidence” showed both RM and Karina sharing black and white pictures of themselves with So!YoON! on their respective Instagram stories. The similarities between the two photos, such as the angle and filter, were brought to attention.

| Pann Nate | Pann Nate

Finally, OP shared a picture of an event that RM attended that aespa was performing at a couple of weeks ago.

| Pann Nate | Pann Nate

And that’s it. As far as unbelievable dating theories go, this might be some of the most questionable and unconvincing evidence to date. Netizens in the comments on the post seem pretty bewildered by it, and understandably so.

It’s pretty incredible what lengths people will go to in order to try to convince others that certain K-Pop idols are dating each other!

 “These trolls have to be using a random name generator atp…” 

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