Netizens Express Concern For Actress Roh Jeong Eui’s Skinny Frame


Actress Roh Jeong Eui recently showed up to the press conference for her latest flick, Badland Hunters.

She shocked fans with her petite frame and slenderness. Compared to her early teens, she lost a huge amount of weight.

After losing around 10kg, Roh Jeong Eui is 165cm tall, but weighs around 39 to 40kg.

This weight was confirmed by the actress herself on her personal Instagram. She initially lost the weight for the role of NJ in Our Beloved Summer, but maintained it after.

Netizens claim that she began to receive praise and acclaim after the weight loss, leading her to maintain the unhealthy weight. They worry for her health as she has confessed to collapsing before.

Netizen comments. | theqoo Seems like she’s the type to be pretty only with extreme weight loss. If you go from being okay while very skinny, to gaining some weight, your knees will definitely hurt. If you exercise then, your muscle mass will increase, not your weight. At her weight, she probably has the least amount of muscle possible, so of course she can’t withstand it. I think it’s too rushed to interpret it as everyone has an appropriate weight for their individual bodies. She’s really as pretty as a painting. She said herself that she lost so much weight that she collapsed and that many around her are worried for her. I’m not criticizing her for losing weight, but it’s a problem how she has to lose that much weight for people to compliment her looks. She should gain some weight if it’s to the point where she fainted. I’m 10cm shorter but 10kg heavier than her. Didn’t know her weight was possible at that height. She’s so skinny that I didn’t know she was 165cm tall. I must’ve thought she was petite.

Roh Jeong Eui is a rising actress that originally debuted in 2011 as a child actress.

 She lost 10kg. 

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