Netizens Excitedly React To Red Velvet’s Return To Creepy With “What A Chill Kill” Album


Since June 2019, Red Velvet has been sticking pretty closely to their “ReVe Festival” concept with their album releases. There are five albums in the series, with the latest, The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday, released on November 28 last year. It’s a beloved era of the girl group, but one that has admittedly been going on for perhaps longer than intended.

Red Velvet during “Birthday” promotions | SM Entertainment

Of course, part of the reason that this era has been going on for so long is due to the hiatus that Red Velvet had throughout 2020 and the first half of 2021, but many fans have still been eager to see what the next chapter of the girl group’s discography would look like. And now, with their comeback just around the corner, it seems that these fans are going to get what they’ve been hoping for!

| SM Entertainment

Earlier today, they released the first teaser images for their upcoming album, What A Chill Kill, which is set to come out on November 13. The aesthetic of the image is a perfect mixture of elegant and creepy, not unlike their highly praised “Peek-A-Boo” concept that was so successful.

Red Velvet The 3rd Album ‘What A Chill Kill’

➫ 2023.11.13 6PM KST#RedVelvet #What_A_Chill_Kill#레드벨벳 #Chill_Kill #칠킬#RedVelvet_What_A_Chill_Kill

— Red Velvet (@RVsmtown) October 17, 2023

Red Velvet during their “Peek-A-Boo” era | SM Entertainment

The bright and cheery vibes of the “ReVe Festival” era are nowhere to be seen in the teaser images, which also feature a dragon fruit on a dark backdrop as their banner and icon on social media.

The teasers have been getting a lot of positive attention online already! A forum post about the images has been bombarded with tons of positive comments from fans who are eager to see Red Velvet return to their creepy and Halloween-esque aesthetic.

Similar comments were shared on a Reddit post about the teaser tweet, and it’s obvious that the overall consensus is a positive one.

Are you as excited for this comeback as these ReVeluvs??

 The hype is real! 

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