Netizens Discover Evidence That Contestants Knew Lee Gwan Hee Before “Single’s Inferno 3”


Netizens have discovered evidence that Single’s Inferno 3 contestants knew professional basketball player Lee Gwan Hee before meeting him on the show.

Lee Gwan Hee | Netflix

Lee Gwan Hee was the most popular among the male contestants this season, with three women choosing him in the finale. Viewers wondered what chokehold he had on them, that they were only interested in him and none of the other handsome men.

gwanhee gotta be doing black magic or some shit with the way he has the 2 best girls of the season so down bad for him like. someone pls free hyeseon and hajeong from his chokehold #SinglesInferno3 #SinglesInferno3Ep7

— n (@thehaoprint) December 26, 2023

We are a week away from the finale of Singles Inferno 3 and my main question remains the same: Why is Gwanhee so popular with the female contestants, especially when Minwoo, Minkyu and Jinseok are…right there?

— TrishMilburn (@TrishMilburn) January 3, 2024

Some jokingly theorized that Lee Gwan Hee’s essential oils were actually a love potion, the cause of the women’s love trance. Now, there’s a new theory that appears factual.

no cause there’s gotta be something with gwanhee’s essential oils fr #singlesinferno3

— á⁷ (@jinepiphany) January 4, 2024

The women knew who Lee Gwan Hee was already.

| Netflix

While contestants are not supposed to know who anyone is before they go to Paradise for a date, this isn’t always the case. In Single’s Inferno 3, some women already knew each other due to beauty pageants or family friends.

Likewise, Lee Gwan Hee was recognizable from the start, as was evident from a panelist’s reaction. He is a celebrity already, as he is currently a shooting guard for the Changwon LG Sakers of the Korean Basketball League (KBL).

Netizens discovered evidence proving that Yun Ha Jeong might have been a fan of his for a long time. She had liked his Instagram posts from as early as 2019! That’s nearly five years earlier.

| @wirene_26/X | @wirene_26/X

Netizens also resurfaced the clip of Gwan Hee and Ha Jeong meeting for the first time. It now appears that she recognized him and instantly “fell for him” upon hearing his name.

SI3 dc gallery knetz update more juice hajeong know gwanhee in Paradise date the car drive went she meet him at front of the hotel lobby #singlesinferno3

— irene 아이레네 アイリーン (@wirene_26) December 18, 2023

Likewise, viewers are convinced Cho Min Ji knew Lee Gwan Hee, considering she is an aspiring news anchor. This would explain her odd obsession, although they’d just met!

Y’all are forgetting that Minji is a news anchor to be. She probably has a lot of contact in the showbiz and that’s also why she already knew about Gwanhee before the show lmao just chill and listen to me. HE IS GOING TO CHOOSE HYESEON ! #SinglesInferno3

— futur panelist yup (@udontknoxme) January 8, 2024

It should be expected that at least one person would know Lee Gwan Hee!

 This explains everything! 

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