Netizens Demand SM Entertainment Sign RIIZE Member’s Younger Brother


RIIZE Anton‘s younger brother is going viral for his good looks.

Anton | Pinterest

On February 16, a post simply titled “RIIZE Anton’s Younger Brother” went viral.

In the post, a netizen uploaded several photos of a man who is alleged to be the younger brother of RIIZE’s Anton.

theqoo Anton’s little brother | theqoo

In the photo, Anton’s younger brother looks like an idol himself.

Many fans couldn’t help but celebrate the idol’s younger brother’s looks. Many also wondered if the younger sibling would be debuting himself.

By any chance, are you interested in K-Pop? His name is pretty interesting. Wow, they take after the best traits of their parents. Come to SM. I would like to thank my father-in-law in advance. He looks like an idol. Wow… His brother looks like an idol, too. Euni unni’s favorite… Crazy how he dresses well, too. I mean, he’s almost as tall as Anton. When did he grow so tall? Let’s join SM Entertainment.

What are your thoughts?


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