Netizens Defend LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon From Allegations Claiming She Is Stealing aespa Winter’s Style


Netizens defended LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon from accusations that she was copying aespa Winter‘s style.

Winter (left) and Chaewon (right) | instiz

On November 6, a post titled “[Refuttal] So You Say Chaewon Is Copying Winter?” went viral. In the post, a netizen writes that they were addressing recent sentiment claiming that Chaewon was stealing Winter’s style.

It was obvious that people are trolling like idiots, but due to how much hate Kim Chaewon is receiving, I decided to write this.

— Netizen

In their post, the netizen uploads several photos that have sparked some to allege Chaewon was stealing Winter’s style.

instiz instiz instiz  instiz

The netizen then asserted that the similarities were due to the fact that the styles worn in the pictures are really popular in Korea in general and that Chaewon wore some of the styles before Winter.

She did the Hime cut while she was still a member of IZ*ONE.

— Netizen

Netizens responded to the post, with many criticizing the malicious comments making the allegations.

“Sigh, I see that psychos are harassing Chaewon too.” “I just don’t like the fact that our Chaewon is implicated in something like this… The psychos always need other idols to talk about.” “I never thought they looked similar. Maybe Chaewon referenced Winter’s makeup, but even then, she pulls it off so differently that I never thought they looked the same.” “Why are girl group trolls so psycho? I bet even children would think this was petty.” “I hate the fact that Chaewon’s name is mentioned in insults. I can only imagine how it must feel for her fans.” “Nate Pann is as toxic now as it was 10 years ago. They haven’t gotten any better. Meanwhile, I was in awe at how pretty they both look in these photos.” “This post is vindicating.” “Thanks for doing this, you did well. I saw that an anti’s comments received 100 responses, so I was hoping someone would come set the record straight.” “Posts like this only spread the rumor.”

What are your thoughts?

 “Why are girl group trolls so psycho?” 

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