Netizens Defend aespa’s Giselle From Plastic Surgery Allegations Following Recent Pictures


aespa‘s Giselle recently showed up to a fansign on January 17, 2024, with swollen eyes. Many were quick to accuse her of plastic surgery.

Swelling around the eyelid is a common part of the healing after double eyelid surgery.

Many found her eyes that day to appear swollen and unnatural, leading to the accusations.

She could also be seen in the airport with watery eyes and some swelling.

As allegations got out of hand, fans stepped up to defend the star. They claimed that she had boarded the plane looking absolutely fine.

Giselle before the flight.

There was no way that she got surgery done on the plane. She also put on her sunglasses after initial press photos as she was not feeling well. Fans also noted that right after the group’s performance, she left the venue before the other girls did. Fans were buzzing about her bad condition and her being sick. According to a fan, she did not show up at the post-performance banquet, and left before the other members right after the performance ended. She was spotted leaving the venue alone. Swelling is a common side effect of being sick.

Later on, another fan also highlighted the obvious double eyelid tape on Giselle.

| Weibo

Misplaced double eyelid tape can cause thick and uneven creases.

Giselle has also been known to use double eyelid tape during performances. She easily switches up between looks this way. Here is a photo of her without tape.

Next, a photo of her with higher creases and obvious tape can be seen.

Eyelid tape is getting common amongst K-Pop stars these days. They are not obvious from a distance, which makes it perfect for performances.

 Fans claim that she was ill. 

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