Netizens Debate ZB Label CEO’s Intentions After He Sends “Gifts” During AleXa’s TikTok Live


Soloist AleXa gained attention by participating in the reality show Produce 48. She debuted in 2019 under ZanybrosZB Label and became the first winner of American Song Contest.

Yet, recently, AleXa has continually expressed her frustrations regarding her career.

AleXa | ZB Label

Before releasing her new song “sick,” AleXa held a TikTok Live. She revealed that it had been two years since she promoted, but she didn’t know why.

Soloist AleXa rants about her inactivity these past years and talks about her latest song ‘Sick’ being ‘everything she has right now’

— nugu promoter (@nugupromoter) February 23, 2024

In another live broadcast, ZB Label’s co-founder and CEO Kim Jun Hong sent AleXa “gifts” of an ice cream and a rose. These are worth only $0.01 USD each.

Lmaooo not the ceo sending alexa some gifts on her live

— Nouf is SICK (@GlowingCheeks_) February 24, 2024

Netizens feared that it was AleXa’s “paycheck.” Some suggested it could have been to make his presence known after the previous controversial TikTok Live in which she exposed the company’s lack of promotion of her.

— Nouf is SICK (@GlowingCheeks_) February 24, 2024

“I never told u to loose weight I sent u an ice cream on tiktok live”

— Nouf is SICK (@GlowingCheeks_) February 24, 2024

And it’s just 0.01$

— Nouf is SICK (@GlowingCheeks_) February 24, 2024

Probably did it cuz fans can see he gave gifts, literally only sent one rose and one ice cream and called it a day

— Nouf is SICK (@GlowingCheeks_) February 24, 2024

Previously, AleXa and CEO Kim appeared to have gotten along well. Some fans compared it to a father-daughter relationship.

ceo kim teaching alex how to do a greeting like korean families do at new years and then legit giving her a gift like he’s her dad this is the most adorable thing ever I’m gonna cry

— aleXa loops! (rest) (@aleXa_loops) May 2, 2020

Additionally, AleXa expressed disappointment over the lack of views for her new music video. Read more below.

Popular K-Pop Singer Heart-Broken After Fans Fail To Stream Her Latest Comeback

 She previously exposed the company for lack of promotions. 

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