Netizens Debate Seunghan’s Future With RIIZE After Recent Merch Drop


It has been almost three months since RIIZE‘s Seunghan went on an indefinite hiatus after a series of cyber attacks leaked images from the idol’s private life which included alleged smoking, dating, and private Instagram live broadcasts. Even though SM Entertainment stated that the posts had been edited to “spread malicious rumors”, Seunghan has still been “punished” with his future with RIIZE uncertain as his hiatus continues on.

Seunghan (RIIZE)

There have been various activities and hints that fans have debated over in regard to whether or not Seunghan will return to the K-Pop group. For example, even though he hasn’t been actively participating in their most recent comeback, there have been instances where all seven members were seen in promotional videos.

being fed again w an ot7 content and seeing a moving seunghan feels so surreal , my heart swells w happiness again

— hilly (@crlwbin) January 11, 2024

But there have been other reasons that have led some to believe that he might still end up getting removed from RIIZE. One example of this was the group’s recently changed logo that formerly included the number “7” to reference the number of members of RIIZE, but has since been removed.

And their most recent merch drop has fans pondering the same thing all over again. SM Entertainment announced the release of official plushies for each of the six active members of the group, each of which were designed by the members themselves.

RIIZE’s official plushies | SM Entertainment

Of course, given that there are only six plushies being offered, it has led fans to speculate whether this is another sign that Seunghan will remain on hiatus indefinitely, or end up leaving RIIZE.

On the other hand, many fans are still optimistic that he’ll return, and think that there being only six plushies offered is just because Seunghan isn’t currently active.

Do you think this is any indication of Seunghan’s future with RIIZE?


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