Netizens Criticize YG Entertainment For TREASURE’s Alleged New Dating Reality Show


YG Entertainment recently teased boy group TREASURE’s upcoming reality show, Shining SOLO.

While the contents have not been officially revealed, fans already had an inkling due to snaps of the boys during filming going around. They were spotted on amusement park “dates” with pretty girls.

| @forjunkyu_09/X

Other insiders also alleged that they would be going on a dating show with influencers, ultimately choosing their final couples. Netizens commented on the bad decision made by the company. As the group is not yet famous, having them do a dating show would only serve to turn away people who are on the verge of joining the fandom, as well as alienate the current fans.

| Nate Pann I hope that the ratings bomb and it doesn’t become buzz-worthy. I’m scared that the other companies will copy them. F*ck YG should just go out and KTS for doing this. How can they market it to fans by filming a reality dating program with influencers? Crazy ba*tards. This is so shocking. I’m someone who truly is not delulu, but isn’t this still what we’d hate to see our favs doing the most? I think the members would hate it too, so why are they filming such things? Just now when fans asked Doyoung to give a spoiler on their upcoming contents, he said that his head hurts just by thinking about it f*ck… YG earned too much off of BLACKPINK that they’re delusional about their standing. They don’t seem like they’re in the right mind. They need to tank to get a grip.

Even international netizens feel that a dating show is the last resort to get a group out of “nugudom.”

Netizen comments. | Pannchoa

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 Fans are not happy. 

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