Netizens Criticize JYP Entertainment’ Recent Announcement For “Erasing” ITZY’s Lia — The Company Try To “Correct” The Issue


ITZY‘s Lia is currently on a hiatus due to health concerns, but netizens have hit back JYP Entertainment‘s recent post for seemingly “erasing” the idol.

ITZY’s Lia |

Ahead of the tour, JYP released the information for ITZY’s online and offline sales of merchandise. Yet, it came under fire because, when the merchandise was posted, netizens noticed that anything related to Lia was not included in the images, whether it was picket covers, smaller accessories, or plushies.

In particular, netizens hated that Lia’s track “Blossom…”

Wasn’t included in a t-shirt design that had all the tracks from the album, including the members’ solo releases. 

When netizens noticed that Lia wasn’t included in the merchandise, fans shared their anger and worry. For many, it seems like JYP was trying to “erase” Lia and that she deserved to be included in the merchandise, especially for fans who want to support the idol.

NAHHH fuck jyp actually???? why would you not put blossom on the shirt or include lias character in the merch?? like just because you can’t see her on the tour doesn’t mean people don’t still want to represent her ???

— ☻ amb GOING ON ITZY TOUR (@itzyblitz) February 20, 2024

byu/YouPlayin07 from discussion

Why is BORN TO BE track ‘Blossom’ is not included in T-shirt? Why is LIA’s TWINZY character Li-Li is not included in official merch? LIA is still a member of ITZY and deserves to be included in ITZY merch.

ITZY is 5. @theJYPshop @jypnation

— LIA GLOBAL (@CJSGLOBAL) February 20, 2024

We understand and respect LIA’s decision of not participating in tour, but she is still a member of ITZY. There will be LIA fans attending BORN TO BE World Tour and wanting to buy official merch. Stop excluding LIA and her fans. ITZY is 5. @theJYPshop @jypnation

— LIA FRANCE | #GetWellSoonLia (@LiaITZYFrance) February 20, 2024

Hours after the initial tweet was shared, netizens noticed that it had been deleted. JYP then shared a new post about the merchandise…



일부 품목 시안 수정으로 인해 현장 판매 상품 정보가 업데이트 되었습니다.
상세 정보는 아래 링크를 확인해 주세요.
(*현장 판매 품목 변동)

상세 품목 보기 |
현장 운영 공지 |…

— JYP SHOP OFFICIAL (@theJYPshop) February 20, 2024

Netizens noticed that while Lia wasn’t included in the official merch, the calligraphy for her track “Blossom” was now included on the t-shirt.

Considering the lack of information surrounding Lia’s hiatus with the members continuing their promotions, it’s not surprising that fans were angry about the idol’s omission from the merchandise. The fact that JYP quickly rectified it showcases fans’ anger and that they had to listen.

 But is the small change enough to appease fans? 

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