Netizens Criticize Fans Linking aespa Karina’s Dating News With Actor Lee Jae Wook To The Topic Of Sexuality


Amidst aespa Karina‘s recent dating news, netizens have hit back at reactions seemingly linking the announcement to the topic of “sexuality.”

Aespa’s Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram

On February 27, Dispatch revealed that Lee Jae Wook and Karina are in the early days of getting to know each other.

Online, international fans shared their congratulations to both Karina and Lee Jae Wook.

She met so many handsome people already and she just met him once. I’m sure there is something special about him that makes karina like him. I believe in my girl’s decision. I hope she will be happy and he treats her like a queen

— naddy (@aquavioletfairy) February 27, 2024

choosing you means choosing your happiness, i’m so happy for you, my girl karina.

— lorde. (@yjmdisc) February 27, 2024

i think it’s very easy to tell that karina’s fanbase is mostly women by how loveyus reacted to the dating news. like people mourned for like an hour and then started to congratulate her, wishing her happiness, sending her love and supporting her… i love women supporting women

— jav (@rinasruby) February 27, 2024

Yet, one discourse has been raised when it comes to the topic of sexuality. When the news was released, many fans “joked” about the people they thought would be sad, including aespa’s Winter and ITZY’s Ryujin, along with comments about how they were shocked that Karina was dating a man.

YOURE FAKE GAY @aespa_official

— (@sanairl) February 27, 2024

one member out, i fear…

— kaiahೀ (@winrinahotracks) February 27, 2024

“lee jaewook and karina confirmed to be dating”

— 엘 (@dallieryuu) February 27, 2024

While most of the fans were joking, it did raise concerns that some fans were genuinely upset with the idea of Karina dating a man, with many adding that netizens are taking the news and trying to link it to sexuality. In particular, fans shared that a lot of the “Hate” Lee Jae Wook has received is being linked to netizens assuming her sexuality in some way, even if it was done in a light-hearted way.

stop being nasty towards karina’s potential partner just because you’re disappointed that what you assumed about her sexuality wasn’t correct

— AERiCHANDESU (@aephroditerie) February 27, 2024

why are people so upset about karina dating a man? i think it’s time for yall to get out of your delusional bubble because those who are mad at her for dating, and not fitting their gay fantasy wattpad story, are exactly the reason why idols rarely come forward with dating news

— Betty Boop (@bettyontherun) February 27, 2024

you bitches need to get a grip. a celebrity’s sexuality is none of your business

— elizabeth. (@wrdgafism) February 27, 2024

it’s just a lil weird how they became “disappointed” of her because of an assumption THEY made??

— nana | (@xexoikonic) February 27, 2024

im actually so confused about this whole situation because
1. if she’s never come out herself, why are you believing words of a stranger.
2. bisexual people exist.
3. she has no reason to share her sexuality with anyone she doesn’t want to. why do you all care so badly.

— lily (@manatsuballet) February 27, 2024

waiting for sm of jw’s agency to confirm their relationship however y’all really need to grow up bc karina is a real autonomous person with feelings, that fanservice shit is for birds.

her personal life and happiness is not up for y’all’s approval or disapproval.

— 。puff。 (@synkdyve) February 27, 2024

Whether it was a joke or not, fans are concerned that some tweets are being taken too far on the topic of sexuality, which is still viewed as taboo in Korea.


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