Netizens Criticize Alcohol Talk Shows After Sunmi’s Appearance On Shin Dong Yub’s “Cheers”


Comedian Shin Dong Yub runs an alcohol talk show on YouTube called Cheers (also known as Pitiful Hyung). Various celerities go on the show to promote their comebacks with a candid, alcohol-infused interview.

Soloist Sunmi recently appeared on the show to promote “Stranger.” She showed off her honest and cute charms, boosted by her weak alcohol tolerance. From aegyo

…to getting sleepy…

…even stumbling. Sunmi ended up so tipsy that she was unable to showcase her comeback song’s dance at first.

A post detailing her tipsy antics quickly went viral on online forums. Netizens were quick to criticize alcohol-induced talk shows.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo This is so harmful… What’s up with alcohol-drinking shows… It’s as harmful as smoking shows… What in the world are they doing? They should regulate alcohol broadcasts on YouTube as well. Are you sure only people over the legal age can watch them? Lee Young Ji, Jo Hyun Ah, Shin Dong Yub, without discrimination for age or gender, these shows are harmful and not beneficial. This is so harmful. I don’t drink but it feels like they’re neglecting alcohol consumption and such alcohol shows are trending… I watched this for a short time only and it’s so harmful. They all look fully drunk… It was a different episode, but even their manager was stopping them. What do you mean you have to learn how to drink? What’s good about that? Just don’t drink until you’re drunk. What kind of show is this? This isn’t an honest show, it isn’t even anything. Why are they doing this?

Alcohol talk shows is the current trend in online interviews and talk shows at the moment. At first, fans were entertained by their idols’ adorable antics and honest moments. Later on, as the number of such shows rose, the general public began to show worry for the younger generation who would be influenced by these shows. Such shows can downplay the negative effects of alcohol, even romanticizing it. While the criticism is not directed at Sunmi herself, it’s no doubt that concern is rising for such shows.

 They see it as a bad influence. 

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