Netizens Criticize aespa’s NingNing For Not Recognizing A Fan


Recently, aespa member NingNing got embroiled in a “controversy” for not recognizing a fan.

NingNing | @imnotningning/Instagram

The controversy broke in China on January 24 after a Chinese fan of the idol published a post on Weibo announcing their departure from the fandom. In the post, the OP (original poster) claimed that they bought a huge number of aespa albums and managed to join video fan calls with the singer 12 times, but she never recognized them.

The OP also shared the contents of their conversation with NingNing in the post. After joining two fancalls in one day, they asked NingNing if she recognized OP, and in response, NingNIng replied that she remembered them from the call earlier that day. However, when OP insisted that they had talked on multiple occasions before, NingNing guessed that they had met three or four times.

This led the OP to believe that the aespa singer did not recognize them even after joining 12 fancalls, which cost them a significant amount of money, enough to buy an apartment. The post also included invoices showing OP’s purchase of albums and applying for the fan calls.

The post went viral in China, with many netizens harshly criticizing NingNing for her lack of “sincerity” toward her fan. But some also questioned the authenticity of OP’s claims, and after OP deleted the post blaming NingNing, suspicions arose even more. On January 26, the OP made another post, providing “evidence” with a compilation of 12 screenshots from their 12 fancalls.

Within a day of the new post being uploaded, it attracted over 135,00o likes and over 3,000 comments, with many expressing sympathy for the fan while criticizing the idol.

 They allegedly met 12 times. 

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