Netizens Choose aespa Winter’s Best Hair Color Between Four Choices


Aespa Winter’s visuals have been a hot topic recently. The star dyed her hair a fiery red for the group’s comeback with “Drama.”

Winter for “Drama.”

As such, fans have come to realize that she literally can pull off any color! But which color is her best? Netizens put their heads together for a vote.

Winter rocked a dark brown shade between promotions. It was also featured in the group’s teaser for “Drama.” She wore the color in a short bob.

Dressed up or dressed down, this hair on her is a win for sure.

Before that, Winter stole hearts with platinum blond hair. She looked just like her nickname, “Baekgu,” or “white puppy.”

Fans absolutely loved the Ariel-esque hair during “Drama.” Her pale skin suited the stark red tone.

Last but not least, Winter’s black hair is a rarity that many core fans love. She’s not often seen with dark hair, so this look sits close to the hearts of many MYs.

Netizens began voting for their favorite. While she looks great in all the different colors, brown and red seem to be the choice for many.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo Seems like she suits reddish and brownish tones. Wow, she was born to be an idol. She perfectly digests dyed hair. She’s like a fairy. I can’t choose. The red was legendary. Black is my personal taste. Brown. Ah, this is so hard. Normally you can easily pick one, but I can’t choose for Winter.

Red seemed to receive the most votes.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo As an artist, red. Personally, brown. This is really hard. They’re all pretty… Red is really insane on her. F*cking pretty. She just suits it all. I think she isn’t affected by color tone. I like orange, but it isn’t here. It was so so pretty. F*cking pretty. Black. Brown and red. She looks like the sunbae character in shoujos with that picture in brown.

Can we really ever choose? Winter simply looks gorgeous in everything!

 Which is your favorite? 

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