Netizens Call For RIIZE’s Seunghan To Withdraw From The Group Following Various Controversies


Things have not been looking up for RIIZE’s Seunghan. Since his rookie days, he has been plagued with various scandals. These largely seem to have been caused by subterfuge by a friend of his with access to his personal Instagram account. Not only was his live stream with an alleged girlfriend leaked

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…but between November 16 and 18, 2023, a leaked live stream video call between Seunghan and TXT’s Soobin, as well as a video of Seunghan smoking both went viral on social media.

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After the initial video call between Soobin and Seunghan was leaked, the backlash faced by the star was mixed, with many defending him. Korean netizens acknowledged that while his image might have taken a hit, there was nothing explicitly wrong with the conversation he had with Soobin. Others criticized him for bringing LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae into the matter, even as a light-hearted joke.

Seunghan’s video call with Soobin. | @loveuneelove/Twitter

Seunghan: It’s a fact. You can’t dance, sing, or rap. You’re just all excited just because you MC-ed for Music Bank. You even got to meet our Eunchae
Soobin: I have something to show you. *turns camera to show his foot making the gesture*

The smoking video seemed to be the final straw for many netizens.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo For real, him leaving would help the group. This is too severe. Kick him out, FR. Otherwise, make him withdraw by himself. Kick him out, he’s not someone who will change. I’ve no words. Wow… He’s really annoying in a variety of ways. Just withdraw. Who uploaded it in the first place? [reply to above] His friend. He’s really amazing. It has not been long since this group has debuted, but they already seem like a seasoned group. Scandals keep popping up and their image is being consumed severely.

Many wonder why SM Entertainment is not taking any action.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo If they’re going to kick him out, I hope they also hurry and send out the person who’s currently an idol after committing school violence. Why are they continuing to hold onto him instead of kicking him out? Same goes for the motel pictures and these too. For it to have been leaked, he’s the one who took them anyway. I wonder where they’re being leaked from. What crime did the other members commit? If he has a conscience, he should leave by his own two feet. I don’t even know all the other members’ names yet, but I’ve come to surely know Seunghan’s. I don’t know anyone but him in RIIZE. He pops up here often. The idol who has become a minefield in the shortest span of time. If you leave such kids alone, later they’ll pay back the fans with a surprise “blessing” (pregnancy). Please just kick him out. What reason do you need?The idol industry is based on doing whatever you want with shoddy construction anyway. I’m honestly so curious as to why they’re holding onto him.

Amidst the criticism, Seunghan and SM Entertainment have yet to speak up.

 Was this the final straw? 

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