Netizens Believe (G)I-DLE Made A Very Obvious Reference To Former Member Soojin In “Revenge”


After their hit releases “Wife” and “Super Lady,” netizens couldn’t hide their shock when (G)I-DLE released a new music video for their track “Revenge.” Compared to the other videos, it was very intense and showcased the members’ amazing storytelling abilities.

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During the video, netizens noticed that a piece of paper on the board included former member Soojin‘s birthday, which is March 9, 1998.

When netizens noted Soojin’s date of birth, along with other theories of the music video, they shared their belief that everything (G)I-DLE did in the music video was on purpose.

now that it’s been confirmed that the mv is about soojin and getting revenge…

soyeon imagined all these scenes… she must have been SO MAD

— SUPER LADY elle✮ (@soyeocult) February 15, 2024

they went from soojin’s signature pose, marilyn monroe, soojin’s tattoos, to straight up saying SOOJIN’S BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!

idle has never excluded soojin and neither should you

— SUPER LADY elle✮ (@soyeocult) February 15, 2024

dare i say gidle is getting bolder w their soojin references because they know their contract is almost up

— ʚïɞ⁶ (@woongtism) February 15, 2024

Revenge M/V Characters:
Minnie – Soojin’s idol image
Miyeon – the investigation/truth
Soyeon – Soojin cleaning her image
Yuqi – Soojin’s passion while fighting all the allegations thrown at her
Shuhua – Soojin’s pure self and what happened to her

— tiny.pretty.j (@soyeonstagram) February 16, 2024

If that wasn’t enough, netizens (G)I-DLE x Soojin crumbs were already at an all-time high. Soojin has been touring, and during her shows, she did a stunning version of Christina Aguilera’s song “But I Am a Good Girl.”

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Unsurprisingly, with the theme of the song being burlesque and the dance moves, netizens couldn’t help but think about “Nxde” and how well the look and choreography went with the song.

ot6 delusions commence now there’s no way she didn’t pick this song and outfit by coincidence

— gidle pr manager² (@westsidejeons) February 13, 2024

I was having so much fun watching this and the my brain whispered “yes I’m nude” and now I wanna

— RKive⁷-⊠//Joonie Is A Cinnamon Roll (@HONEY_JAMZZZ) February 13, 2024

So, the combination of the performance and the music video has definitely sent fans into a meltdown.

soojin performing a similar concept like nxde and gidle including soojin’s birthday on revenge mv LESS THAN A WEEK

— jhai (@jingeurideul) February 15, 2024

It wouldn’t be the first time netizens have speculated about a Soojin reference, as there have been moments in the past videos that have seemingly referenced her, whether it’s hearts, caricatures, and more.

In particular, with (G)I-DLE’s contract with CUBE Entertainment nearly over, it’s not surprising that some netizens are hoping for a reunion soon.

 Netizens are piecing everything together, with hopes for the future. 

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