Netizens Are Shocked After YouTuber Claims A Top Actress Was In Love With Him And Reveals The Receipts To Prove It


A YouTuber has gone viral after revealing actress Lee Na Young had liked him in Elementary School.

Lee Na Young

Recently, actor Moon Jong Il, who appeared on Netflix‘s Money Heist Korea, appeared on the YouTube car show Motline.

In the video, Moon Jong Il, who is also a dentist, revealed that he had always wanted to become an actor but that he had previously given up on the dream because he felt he wasn’t good-looking enough.

Director Ddochi (left) with Moon Jong Il (right) | @Motline/YouTube

The YouTuber, who uses the pseudonym Director Ddochi, then stated that he had a famous friend who had liked him in Elementary School that he could introduce.

There is this famous girl who once followed me around in Elementary School. Should I tell her about you?

— Director Ddochi

When Moon Jong Il asked who the woman was, Director Ddochi revealed that she was one of Korea’s biggest stars.

There is this girl, her name is Lee Na Young.

— Director Ddochi

Although, at first, many viewers might have dismissed the YouTuber’s comment as a joke, it turns out that he was telling the truth. In fact, in 1999, Director Ddochi appeared on an episode of Love On The Air as Lee Na Young’s first love.

Netizens reacted to the revelation, with many stating that being Lee Na Young’s first love was the ultimate flex.

“That’s such a flex. He should write that on his tombstone, LOL.” “Wow, if that was me, I would have bragged about it as soon as she became popular, LOL.” “And he has receipts, LOL. But he does like someone’s first love.” “His jaw area is kind of similar to Won Bin!” “She must have liked him a lot if Lee Na Young looked for him as an adult.” “Wow, but I think he kind of looks similar to Won Bin.” “Daebak, LOL.” “Oh my god!”

Meanwhile, Lee Na Young is undoubtedly one of Korea’s biggest stars. The actress has starred in hit dramas such as Romance Is A Bonus Book and the K-Drama classic Ruler Of Your Own World. Lee Na Young married Won Bin and gave birth to the couple’s son in 2015.

Lee Na Young and Won Bin (right) | Huffington Post “Daebak, LOL.” 

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