Netizens Are Shocked After Learning Of Legendary Actor’s New Career


Netizens are shocked after learning that Park Shin Yang has now become an artist.

Park Shin Yang | Naver

On January 31, Xports News reported that actor Park Shin Yang will be making an appearance on You Quiz On The Block, not as an actor, but as an artist.

According to the report, Park Shin Yang has painted over 130 paintings over the past 10 years. The actor reportedly enrolled in Andong University’s art program in 2021 and is currently holding an art exhibition titled The Fourth Wall.

Park Shin Yang in front of his art | Herald Kyungjae

Netizens responded to the actor’s new career with overwhelmingly positive reactions. Many expressed their excitement as the actor is famous for not making many appearances.

Woah, please focus on your main career, too. Wow. Finally…. Ajussi, please come back. I can’t believe this is happening. Oh wow, I was wondering what happened to him. I can’t wait to see him! Since he’s returning to TV, I wish he would do another show like the Park Shin Yang Show back in the day. Please return to acting. Wowwwww! Wow! Please also return to acting ㅠㅠ.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Yang is most famous for being one of K-Drama’s leading actors. The actor has starred in legendary K-Dramas, Lovers In Paris, and War Of Money. The actor most recently featured in the 2019 K-Drama, My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2.



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