Netizen Praise LE SSERAFIM For Their Attitude And Behavior During Their “Music Bank” Encore Stage


LE SSERAFIM is being praised for their attitude during their Music Bank encore following previous criticism.

The members of LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Instagram

During the February 29 episode of M Countdown, LE SSERAFIM received criticism for their encore stage. On March 1, LE SSERAFIM performed on Music Bank, where they did stages for “EASY” and “Smart.”

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The group were also nominated for first place, and when it was announced that they had won, the members looked genuinely shocked and happy.

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After the criticism surrounding their M Countdown encore, the members could’ve easily been disheartened, but it seems as if the opposite happened. As the members greeted the other idols and thanked the fans, netizens noticed that Yunjin and Kazuha went off to get recorders for their pledge.

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While the other idols walked off stage, the members of LE SSERAFIM seemed to be having fun as they attempted to play their song on the recorder.

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As the credits rolled, all the members looked extremely happy and enjoying their stage.

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So, when the new video came up, and the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves, fans couldn’t hide their own happiness. After all the criticism, LE SSERAFIM chose to hit back at the haters and enjoy their success with their fans, and it could be felt by fans watching worldwide.

seeing le sserafim win on music bank today and having fun like this during the encore makes my heart so happy. we love you fimmies #EASY3rdWin#LESSERAFIM21stWin

— sheri 𐙚 (@sseraribts) March 1, 2024

It’s seem like the girls get ours message yesterday and have fun at today encore !#EASY3rdWin#LE_SSERAFIM21thWin#LESSERAFIM21thWin


groups doing silly shit for encores >>>>

— َ (@crashcrowns) March 1, 2024

i’m crying they got hate from everyone yesterday so they decided to have even more fun today i love that for them

— ً (@champagnekuri) March 1, 2024

lesserafim deciding to just fuck around on the encore after all that discourse yesterday is fucking hilarious

— Earl Mixxshirt (@lilyssante) March 1, 2024

LE SSERAFIM are the true epitome of professionalism and showcased that they will have fun and celebrate their achievements with the fans.

 It comes amidst criticism for a previous performance. 

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